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Quality Kit Homes

Kit Homes Australia  Our kit homes are built out of the highest quality components and our installers have the latest certifications in the industry.

Flexible Kit Homes

Solar Power Benefits  We’re able to provide a design that’s proven popular in time or we can design and develop a completely custom kit home for you. 

Quality Kit Sheds

Government Rebates  Our kit sheds and granny flats are built for you to be proud of, they’re so beautiful! We want you to have the best shed in Australia.  


Affordable Kit Homes for Australia

Kit homes, which are also known as modular homes and prefab homes, are a great way to save money on the home you want. Prefabricated homes are usually cheaper than traditionally-constructed homes. This is because they follow a set plan instead of requiring the input of a new architect or blueprint for each one.

Kit Homes in Your Area

We can ship kit homes Australia wide. Our modern kit homes can come assembled or in parts, making it easy to ship where they need to go. Even better, we have store locations all over Australia. We have kit homes Victoria residents will love and kit homes NSW can get at a great price. And our kit homes Tasmania are some of the best in the business.

You can order kit homes Melbourne residents that will meet your housing and storage needs without breaking your budget. We also have kit homes GLD customers can count on to arrive quickly and be set up just as fast.

Our kit homes Sydney office is one of the largest manufacturers of kit homes in Australia. You can get the home you are looking for without having to travel far or pay for exorbitant shipping costs. Of course, we also have a kit homes Perth office as well. In fact, we have locations in all major Australasian cities; so wherever you are, we can provide housing and storage for you.

Order your Queenslander kit homes from us and you won’t be disappointed. You will find the style and selection you could only have dreamed of at a price that will fit any budget. We provide quality kit homes Brisbane residents that will impress, so there’s no need to look anywhere else for great value and unparalleled selection.

The Best Price and Selection

We provide transportable homes NSW customers for every purpose. Our container homes and shed homes are perfect for storage. They are weatherproof and secure. And the steel kit homes you can purchase from us are guaranteed to be some of the most durable and stable homes on the market. Steel frame kit homes are some of the best value on the market, because they are built to last.

For easy transport and shipping, we also have flat pack homes. These “pop-up” buildings can be taken down and assembled quickly and easily. We also feature a number of different styles of transportable homes.  The country kit homes we sell are meant to evoke a beautiful rural style that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

You can also be environmentally conscious and still have a great, affordable kit home. With our eco kit homes, you can have an energy efficient home without having to pay a lot for it.

And when you shop with us, you don’t have to break your budget to get a great kit home you will love. Our kit home prices are the most competitive in the business. We provide Australian kit homes at a price that suits any income.  If you thought a great kit homes prices were an impossibility, we would like to show you otherwise. Garage Doors

When you need relocatable homes NSW customers, consider us for all your storage and housing requirements. We have the selection you can count on to find what you are looking for and the prices you can trust to give you value for your money.

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